Sony Xperia Z will feature Socialife instead of Timescape

Sony LogoSony Android devices are generally customized with the Timescape UI since it debut on the Sony Xperia X10. It looks like this UI will be retired on the Sony Xperia Z and replaced with a new Socialife app.

The new tool is somewhat similar to TimeScape but has been formatted differently. In Socialife images are positioned to the right and the text on the left instead of having the images appear in the background of a particular text.

Socialife was first introduced on Sony tablets and it is now transitioning to the larger displays on smartphones. Check it out in action in the following video demo.

The app is made up of three components – First you have the My Stream home panel which aggregates content from Facebook and Twitter. Next is the Discovery Mode which helps you find new news sources. Finally Favorites which maintains you bookmarks.

What do you think of Sony’s Socialife app? Do you prefer it over Timescape? Share your thoughts below.

sourceXperia Blog

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