Panasonic unveils 20-inch Windows 8 tablet with a 4K resolution

panasonic - LogoWith the release of Windows 8 manufacturers have started experimenting with various form factors. Panasonic has an impressive device which they have on display at the ongoing CES 2013 which has a 20 inch display with a 4K resolution. In case you are wondering 4K resolution which is generally used in the television market refers to the horizontal resolution of the display. That would be nearly four time that of the 1080p full HD display.

Unfortunately Panasonic has not revealed any of the details and specs of this monster device which is probably aimed at grabbing the attention of photographers. It would also be a great tool for professionals in the design or architecture fields. We expect that this device will be quite costly when it finally arrives in the market, but since photographers are known for spending money on similar technology it is likely that this is where Panasonic hopes to gain most attention from such a device.

Given that even the MacBook Air with Retina Display tends to heat up when it is exposed to heavy tasks, we can expect this monster to strain when it is under pressure. However Panasonic will hopefully have the device tuned when it is finally ready for public consumption.

sourceThe Verge

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