Jolla's Meego-based Sailfish OS coming on November 21

The Finish mobile start-up company Jolla has just announced that the will unveil their Meego based Sailfish mobile OS on November 21, at the Slush start-up conference in Helsinki, Finland.

Jolla has been working hard to ready the Sailfish OS. After raising $259 million toward the development of their platform, they have even founded a new Sailfish software alliance to help move the development of the OS forward. Jolla devices running Sailfish will have its own Jolla UI in order to offer potential users a unique experience.

The latest developer efforts have been focused toward scalability and user experience, which suggests that Sailfish  may be available in various form factors, including tablets.

We are very interested to see what Jolla will have in store for us on November 21, and we are even more interested to see the OS eventually running on the first Meego smartphone, which is now expected to be unveiled later this year.

Press Release

A date and place has been set to reveal the new Jolla smartphone user interface and deliver the Jolla developer story and SDK. Jolla Ltd. will demonstrate the Jolla user interface, based on the recently announced Sailfish alliance OS, at the Slush event in Helsinki, Finland on 21-22 November. Jolla is very excited to be able to share the user interface, and talk about the Jolla SDK and application ecosystem with the developers. Jolla will publish the device information, ID and expected availability before Christmas.

Peter Vesterbacka, a founder of Slush: “Slush has grown up to be the biggest entrepreneurship event in Northern Europe. It’s great to see hot new startups like Jolla use Slush as the venue for their major announcements. New business creation and innovation is alive and kicking at Slush and in the region”.

Mikko Kuusi, CEO of Startup Sauna: “Jolla is a great example of what happens, when you combine the extreme technical talent found in Finland with the right attitude and ambition level of companies like Rovio.”

In addition, Jolla will be hosting a separate, in-depth session to showcase the user interface, and a press Q&A session. The Jolla user interface will be incorporated into the previously announced Sailfish alliance software. Jolla has been working on the scalability and user experience based on MeeGo in order to be able to support multiple different device categories. This development has now reached a point that Jolla can showcase the user interface, its differentiation from the existing mobile UI’s and its possibilities as part of the Sailfish alliance.

Jussi Hurmola, CEO of Jolla: “I’m thrilled to finally be able to show the user interface we have been working on, and it will be exciting to open the developer story with SDK and applications to the public.”

source - TechCrunch

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