First Meego phone from Jolla Mobile coming next month

A couple of days ago we reported that Jolla Mobile was in the process of completing their first Meego powered mobile device. A new report suggests that the smartphone will be ready to launch next month.  There is not much known about this device, only that it will be running an OS code-named 'Sailfish'.

Jolla was started by a couple of ex-Nokia employees Marc Dillon and Jussi Hurmol and their goal was to take forward the open source Meego project which Nokia abandoned in favor of Windows Phone.

The team at Jolla were the same minds behind the design of the Nokia N9, so we can be sure their first device will be something to look forward to. Jolla will make their new OS a compete eco-system and already has stated that it will be offered to other devices manufacturers for licensing. Jolla has also made deals with China's largest mobile phone retailer to sell their devices when they launch.

Will Jolla succeed where Nokia failed ?  We recognized Meego as a great operating system and the design of the device has proven successful. But without the support of developers mobile operating systems wont stand a chance.

We would like to see Meego succeed as a platform and we hope that Jolla understands that it needs to woo over developers as much as it continues to build partnerships and strategies if it wants to see its devices suceed.

source - Daily Mobile | WSJ

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