NexPhone - Your all in one Phone, Tablet, Laptop and PC

nexphoneThe NexPhone is a concept device by NexCrea which uses Ubuntu for Android software to offer an all-in-one combined device experience.

While current generation devices rely on the cloud to sync data between them, the NexPhone concept hopes to allow users to carry all the data on one device – their phone. They can then dock their NexPhone onto the NEXTABLET, NEXLAPTOP or NEXMONITOR an have a fully functional tablet, laptop or desktop computer, all powered by the NexPhone.

How practical is this venture? Personally we didn’t think much of it. It’s very common for people to loose their mobile phones, and having your entire data rely on one device doesn’t seam very practical. While we do applaud the concept we feel that certain aspects of real world use should be better thought out for this device.

In any case you can see the NexPhone in action in the following video demo:

What do you think of the NexPhone? Devices like the Asus PadFone have already taken a step in this direction. So do you feel one device should handle all your technology needs or do you prefer having the cloud as a central source for your data.

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