HP releases open webOS 1.0 along with video demo

The HP Open webOS project has released the first build of Open webOS on schedule. Developers can now work on it and port it to various form factors and devices to get the ultimate out of the webOS experience. This release follows a couple of beta releases from HP and we are curious to see what kind of role Gram, the webOS spin-off will take in the future development of webOS.

What the following video demo of Open webOS 1.0 running on an HP TouchSmart PC by Steve Winston, Chief Architect at HP.

Open webOS 1.0 brings support for Enyo2 which allows developers to build apps on a Javascript platform and easilt run the apps on webOS or other platforms.

While HP continues their work on webOS, their CEO has already confirmed that they are working on a smartphone. Will HP reemerge with  an Open webOS smartphone or will they choose to go with Android or Windows Phone instead.

source - Open webOS Blog

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