HP Pre 3 receives webOS 2.2.4 software update

The HP Pre 3 received an update yesterday, with the operating system being updated to WebOS 2.2.4. There are probably not many Pre 3 devices in use around the world, but whomever has one will be happy to see that HP is not totally abandoning their WebOS users.

The new update doesn't bring in any significant changes to the OS, but offers some customary bug fixes which improve the usability of the device.
The update will be 29MB in size for European users, 10MB for those on AT&T and 9MB for anyone using it on Verizon

Now that the platform is heading to the open source community users can rest assured that there will be some sort of support for it. But it feels good to know that HP is giving it some attention and hope that we will see more updates on the platform in the near future.

source - WebOS Nation

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