Amazon Kindle Fire outsells Apple iPad at Best Buy

It seems like the Amazon Kindle Fire is doing something that other Android tablets couldn't do, and that is to beat the Apple iPad in sales during the fourth quarter of 2011 at Best Buy.

It's $199 price tag really helps boost sales for this premium product. It still stands at only 13.8% in total compared to the 65.8% tablet share held by the iPad. However considering that Apple has been around for years with their iPad and iPad 2 this is quite an impressive market hold by the newer comer.

Even Samsung has been pushed to third place with just 4.8% of the tablet share. With Apple hot on Samsung's heals and getting the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned in Australia and Germany the Korean manufacturer would probably have had better figures.

In fourth place is Barnes and Noble has 4.7% for their B&N Nook Tablet and B&N Nook Color followed by HTC with 1.3% for their offerings.

You may wonder how a tablet which doesn't come with proprietary Google apps take a place above Google Android tablets? Well, firstly there is the price of $199 and the other is Amazon's huge global online presence. But whats interesting is that it is BestBuy and not Amazon who are boasting the Kindle Fire sales.

Amazon is not quite done with the Kindle Fire. They also have a NVidia Tegra 3 powered 8.9-inch tablet in the works. If they offer a similarly low price tag on their future tablet offering Apple may start loosing the ground they hold on the tablet market soon.

Amazon's seams to have the right combination of and online ecosystem with quality hardware.They are doing something that others couldnt quite do against the iPad. With high expectation for the coming year Amazon continues to promote their offerings, hoping for dominance in the tablet market.

source - iSuppli

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