Spider-Man: Far From Home - Trailer

Peter Parker and his friends go on summer vacation to Europe, where Peter finds himself trying to save his friends against a villain known as Mysterio. Watch the International trailer (above) and the US version (below), and let's discuss the differences in the comments section below.

Spider-Man: Far From Home - Trailer Breakdown

Spider-Man: Far From Home is meant to pick up immediately after Avengers: Endgame. The trailer starts with a scene in a homeless shelter, where we find Aunt May has accepted Peter as Spider-Man and doesn't mind using it to help the neighborhood. Aunt May's charitable work at the homeless shelter is picked right out of the comics, where she worked for a shelter funded by Martin Li (Mister Negative).

The next scene shows us Happy Hogan walk in with a huge check for $500,000.00. Things to take note of here is that it is signed by Pepper Potts (and not Tony Stark), and it is from Synchrony bank. The bank was known for releasing real world Avengers themed credit cards to promote the film franchise. We also see some subtle flirting between Happy and May, much to Peter's surprise.

We then jump to Peter packing his suitcase after the Marvel Studios logo

Then a brief look at the rebuilt bodega as Peter picks up some supplies for his trip. This appears to be the same bodega which was blown up in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and appears to have been rebuilt.

We get a brief glimpse of Spider-Man swinging through New-York, with what looks like the Avenger's Tower being reconstructed (by new tenants) in the background. Some online sources however claim that this is a real-life construction in New York, and could in fact be the BMO Tower that's being constructed behind the Union Station.

We then see Peter picking up his passport, and there are a few easter eggs on here besides the hilarious passport photo. One thing eagle-eyed fans would have noticed was that the year was hidden on the passport. This is likely Marvel trying to hide exactly when this movie takes place in the timeline to avoid any theory crafting or continuity issues. Peter's birthday is marked as 10 Aug on the passport, which is pretty close to his August 15 debut on Amazing Fantasy in 1962.

Next, we see Peter decide not to take his Spider-Man suit along with him on vacation, leaving it in the closet. We also see the initials on the suitcase he is taking with him - BFP (Benjamin Franklin Parker) for Uncle Ben. Interestingly, Uncle Ben was named after the Benjamin Frankin. We see Peter then run to the airport, and the plane takes off as we transition to the next scene.

** The international trailer has some additional scenes at the airport, where he finds that Aunt May has packed his Spider-Man suit in with his luggage leaving him to explain it hilariously to the airport security.

We see a boat in Venice with Peter and his classmates and get a subtle hint at the growing chemistry between MJ (Michelle) and Peter. There is another extended scene while they are on the boat showing a watercraft in the background with 'ASM 212' a reference to Hydro man in the Spider-Man comics. We see the same chemistry explored again in a theater the class visits. We later see the classmates arrive at the (under-construction) hotel they will be staying at.

Later that night, Peter and Ned (Leeds) are heading to their room for the night, and we get our first look at Nick Fury in the movie. He is waiting in the shadows for Peter and hilariously darts Ned in the process. For those of you wondering why Pete's Spider-Sense didn't pick up Nick's presence in the room, it's clearly because Nick does not pose a threat to Peter in any way.

Nick recruits Peter and we are thrown into several action sequences featuring the elementals.
  1. Magnum - He has abilities that allow manipulation of earth, minerals, and rock. We see him fighting Nick Fury and Maria Hill.
  2. Zephyr - The sole female of the team who has the power to control air and thereby affect many of its aspects. We see this scene on top of Tower Street in London.
  3. Hellfire - The leader of the villainous group, who can generate flames. 
  4. Hydron - A foe with aquatic powers, including the ability to control water. 
In between the scenes with the elementals, we also get our first look at Spider-Man's new Red and Black suit.

We also transition into a scene with some armed thugs are attacking a restaurant. This scene doesn't appear to fit into the rest of the trailer, and we are curious to see how this plays out in the movie.

We are then introduced to Spider-man wearing his SHIELD stealth suit, with Nick and Mariah watching in the background.

The next scene shows us Hydron (not Hydro Man) attacking the class trip and the first Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) reveal. Marvel has gone with a very comic accurate costume. We see Mysterio fight Hydron and notice Marvel has even given us the classic 'fishbowl' helmet.

After the title reveal of Spider-Man: Far from Home, we are presented with a post trailer scene.

We see the classmates watching Mysterio fighting the elemental on TV. While the other classmates are awed by Mysterio, comparing him to Thor and Iron Man, Flash Thompson (Tony Revolori) states that Spider-Man is still the better hero (while taking a dig at Peter).

So what can we expect from the web-head's third outing? Spider-Man: Home Alone maybe? with Spidey taking care of Avengers HQ, when it comes under siege?

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