Apple releases iOS 12.1 user guide

Apple releases iOS 12.1 user guide
Apple has released a new user guide for iOS 12.1 in the form of an Apple Book, which users can download and read to educate themselves on all the new features and improvements offered in the latest version of Apple's mobile platform. Along with revealing the features we are well aware of the guide also unveils some of the upcoming features on the yet un-released iOS 12.1 update.

Since iOS 12.1 has been in beta for some time now, we have been able to unveil some of the features we can expect from the upcoming release. However, when it comes to betas, Apple can always go back on some of the features they are testing before its public release. Fortunately, the user guide has confirmed some of the features we can expect from the final release of iOS 12.1.

One of the much anticipated features of iOS 12.0 which was removed during the beta was Group FaceTime, which will allow iPhone users to "chat with up to 32 participants simultaneously". The user guide confirms that this feature will be available in iOS 12.1, but that it will not be offered in all regions.

Apple iOS 12.1 user guide

The guide also confirms another iOS 12.1 beta feature, which allows photos captured using the Camera app to have its depth-of-field adjusted after the photo is captured.

Finally, we also have confirmation of dual-SIM functionality being enabled for the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. Apple will essentially enable the eSIM on these devices, allowing customers to use two telephone numbers on their iPhones.

You can learn all about the features of iOS 12 by downloading the 'iPhone User Guide for iOS 12.1' on Apple Books on your iOS or Mac device.

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