Most Brilliant Apps That Deserve Awards

 GUEST POST - Rilind Elezaj

App awards are a huge deal. Winning some of these app awards can be a game changer. If you are a budding developer, your entire career can change in an instant. For more established app development firms, app awards can take the business to the next level.

Besides getting the word out there about the app and getting you those sweet downloads, app awards can lead to industry respect for your company from other developers, prestige, and even give you that assurance that you are really good at your job and you should definitely keep doing it, especially when you feel discouraged. Apps that win awards are inspirational and trendsetting. It is definitely nice to know that you are leading the pack in your niche.

Many apps are released every day. Most of them are mediocre at best. A few of them stand out from the crowd by being unique and functional, apart from being a breath of fresh air into the lives of their users. Only the crème de la crème of these amazing apps deserve awards. That being said, here is a list of the most brilliant apps that deserve awards.

1. Bandimal

This is a Finnish app from Yatatoy. It is a children's app for composing music, which allows them to create unique tunes using different instruments. It is very easy to use and very enjoyable and fun. The concept of this app is unique and brilliant, targeting a specific niche of users (children), who will appreciate the simplicity while at the same time learning something new.
2. iTranslate Converse

This is a conversation translation app. What makes it different is the fact that it is fast, efficient, effective, and is available offline. The offline availability is godsend because when we meet people who do not speak our language, it is possible that sometimes we may not be in an area with internet access. Adding that functionality shows forethought.
3. Alto's Odyssey

This is an endless runner game from Canadian firm Snowman. You are a brave sandboarder going down sand dunes while avoiding pits and rocks. As you play, you will notice all the subtle beauty around you, from the rising and setting sun to the animals that accompany you on your journey. You will also realize that the game automatically pauses sometimes to teach you how to play, making it easier to learn without interrupting gameplay.

4. Agenda

This is a note-taking app by Dutch firm Momenta BV. It focuses on dates. What makes it different is its versatility and efficiency. Its timeline orientation is perfect for projects that are ongoing instead of static notes.

5. Florence

This is a famous interactive storybook that tells the story of first love. Launched on Valentine's Day, it captured the hearts of millions because of the joy that you can read from the story which is told with such depth. It is very immersive and a lot of fun.

6. Frost

This is a graceful and addictive puzzle game made with Metal, the Apple graphics API. It is so simple to play: draw a path that particles will follow in a particular direction to fill up a curved bar. However, it is so addictive that you will find yourself playing endless levels without realizing it. Prepare to lose yourself for multiple hours at a time while immersed in this game.

7. Calzy 3

We all have those everyday things that we use almost instinctively and cannot imagine them being designed any differently. However, have you ever encountered a new functionality added to an everyday object that made you wonder why it wasn't designed that way in the first place? Calzy 3 is a calculator app. What sets it apart is all the numerous built-in options, such as the ability to copy and paste figures, and having customizable colors and icons. You will wonder why you have not been able to do this all along with other calculator apps.

8. Triton Sponge

It is an app for measuring blood loss collected by surgical sponges and suction canisters. Used in operating rooms, it takes advantage of iOS mechanisms and machine learning to carry out this important function.

9. Oddmar

This is a fun little game from the Turkish firm Mobge. It is a Viking adventure tale with an awesome soundtrack, great design and lots of bouncing and jumping around. Lots of fun and endless lost hours await you when you play this game.

These apps are true symbols of innovation, ingenuity, and expertise of app developers. There is so much that can be done, and the opportunity for trying out new things is never-ending. It is amazing that something as simple as an app can provide endless entertainment, trigger emotions in us or even, like the case of Triton Sponge, save lives.

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Rilind Elezaj is an experienced digital marketing specialist at Tactica with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Rilind possesses a strong entrepreneurial mindset and has devoted his career to enhancing the sphere of digital marketing. In his methodological approach, Rilind integrates web development and other digital marketing solutions to create hybrid strategies that bring the best results.

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