Uber announces new Driver app

Uber has announced they are going to begin focusing on their drivers again, and they are starting by releasing a new version of their Driver app. Uber understands that drivers are what make the company possible and that it wants to improve the medium that drivers use to interact with the company.

The new app was built from the ground up with driver feedback. Drivers were contacted in a variety of ways and asked what features they would most like to see. Uber also released a beta version of its Driver app, which saw over 100,000 trips completed. During the beta the company continued to stay in contact with its drivers and to make adjustments based upon the data they received. The result of all this work is what Uber promises to be a much better experience for its employees.

New User Interface and Features

The Driver app now includes an on-screen earnings tracker. The user can now glance at their device and see how much they have made so far. This will allow them to keep an eye on how close they are to hitting their desired total. There are also real time updates displayed as well. This includes notifications that show how many requests there are in the drivers area and how business has been in that area.


Theoretically, this will allow drivers to position themselves in an area that has seen an uptick in business and allow them to find more trips. It also improves how easy it is to select a trip. This information is displayed on the standard interface that drivers have up when working in their vehicle.


You also get a notifications panel that displays rider feedback and other pertinent information. Finally, there is a driver profile section which allows a driver to post information about themselves which customers can view. This is supposed to help drivers better connect with their customers and sell their service. This news and the tone of the announcement hopefully shows that Uber is aware of the issues and is taking the necessary steps to reform.

source - Uber

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