5 Best Dictation Apps for Smartphones

5 Best Dictation Apps for Smartphones

Dictation apps can make your life easier by reducing the amount of text you have to type, making it safer to respond to communications while driving, and simplifying the process of composing emails. The best dictation apps have an intuitive interface, which aids you in getting more work done without sacrificing your time. Highly accurate apps are available for people who want to dispense with note-taking and save time.

Dragon Dictation
Dragon Dictation
Dragon dictation is available for iOS and they also have some apps suitable for Android platforms. It's one of the most accurate and effective apps available on the market. Using the proprietary "Naturally Speaking" software, it is able to turn text to speech up to five times faster than with regular typing. It allows you to compose email, send tweets, and post to social media platforms with ease. Dragon Dictation is a good option for people who need support in multiple languages as well.

Philips Dictation Recorder
Philips is a popular electronics and audio expert manufacturer. Conveniently, they also have an app that is available for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry. Philips Dictation Recorder is a good choice for people who want the support of a major brand name and a host of useful features. You can record, edit, and send dictation files from your smartphone for greater flexibility and editing options. One unique feature of this app is the ability to increase wireless recording capabilities.

Irradiate Software is the creator of a unique app that is specially designed for iOS platforms. DropVox allows you to record voice memos and send them straight to DropBox. Apps Magazine praised the software and said, "DropVox is the next best thing to an actual dictaphone." The app provides a simple, streamline interface and is ideal for people running iOS devices. It's most useful for people who have a DropBox account, but this unique apps serves a large niche market and is a good choice for those who need an app with very specific features.

ListNote Speech-to-Text Notes
With hands-free speech recognition, searchable notes, and password protection options, ListNote Speech-to-Text Notes provides a good option for people who want a simple app that works quickly. It's an Android-only app, and it comes with several features. You can quickly share your notes in a text message, email, Twitter, and other plain-text based apps. It's also possible to star select notes and filter your notes by star status. Overall, it's an effective and reliable app that gets the job done.

Another Android-based app, this dictation app has plenty of features to make your dictations a breeze. It works on both phone and tablet devices, and provides an option to let you record any type of audio using the "Automatic Voice Activity Detection" feature. In a test, it worked with a high degree of reliability and allows the user to send the completed file to email, Google Drive, or DropBox. Dictadroid grants access to the Quicktate service, which makes it possible to get professional transcriptions of your audio. The service is a pay-as-you-go service, but for more complicated dictations it provides a useful enhancement that helps to round-out the capabilities of the app.

Dictation software is the future of communications, and as the technology increases these apps are sure to update their software. Choose the app that fits best with your platform and personal needs. Voice recognition software has been enhanced dramatically over the past few years, and it's continuing to improve at a rapid rate. It's now possible to capture your speech with a high degree of reliability to dictate entire email messages, notes, interviews and meetings.

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