Apple Watch - Guided Tour videos

As the release of the Apple Watch draws closer, the Cupertino based company wants to make sure what the new device has to offer. They are doing so by releasing a series of videos demonstrating the many features.

The Apple Watch can be used to send messages, make phone calls, use Siri, play music or find directions using Apple Maps. Apple wants users to identify the various uses of their first wearable, and how its functionality differs from the iPhone and iPad.

The Apple Watch is already available for pre-order and set to launch next week, on April 24. Multiple variants are going to be available, the most affordable being the Apple Watch Sport with a 38 mm fluoroelastomer plastic band, which will cost $349.

Apple Watch - Here's all you need to know
The Apple Watch is a stylish and fashionable with a look that will appeal to the gadget lover and even the everyday user

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