Cortana now shows weather in Celsius, based on your weather settings

Microsoft has finally updated its services, including Cortana to show weather in Celsius. Until now, Cortana would show weather updates in Fahrenheit, even if you have your weather set to Celsius by default.

Initially it made sense that Cortana would offer weather only in Fahrenheit, as it was a US exclusive service. However, Microsoft has since pushed Cortana out to other regions, but continued to have Fahrenheit as the default weather. Users had to use the voice assistant to request the temperature in Celsius specifically each time. It worked, but it was also cumbersome.

It looks like Cortana is picking up the weather settings directly from Bing now, as users around the world are reporting that the voice assistant was now showing the weather to match their settings.

The small update is available across Windows Phone 8.1 handsets and even shows up on Windows 10 on phones and PCs. This may be a small, but still a welcome addition to users around the world who measure temperature in celsius. 

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