Verizon joins in on offering more data to customers

VerizonFirst AT&T, and then Sprint, offered double the amount of data for new and existing customers as part of a new promotion, allowing them to share data with members of their family, or co-workers. Now Verizon is joining by offering more data with its More Everything Plan. With this plan, subscribers get unlimited talk, unlimited text and 12GB to 50GB of data each month.

Starting tomorrow, Verizon customers using the More Everything Plan with 12GB to 50GB of monthly data, will receive some extra GB of data every month at no additional cost. Those with a 12GB data allowance will start receiving 15GB, and those with a 16GB monthly plan will receive 30GB of data. Verizon will double the data for shared data plans with a current data cap of 20GB to 50GB.
Verizon joins in on offering more data to customers

To take advantage of the extra monthly data, Verizon customers should contact the carrier starting tomorrow. Business customers are also included in the promotion. Verizon customers have until the end of this month to sign up for the offer.

source - Verizon

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