Skype Qik Video Messenger now available on iOS, Android and Windows

Skype Qik

Microsoft's Skype team have launched a new app called Skype Qik, which allows users to communicate using short video messages, instead of text. The app is available for download on iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms.

Android iOS Windows Phone
Download Download from the Windows Phone Store
Price Free Free Free
Requirements Android 4.1 or greater iOS 7.0 or greater Windows Phone 8.1

Qik is developed with the sole function of video messaging in mind and promises to allow faster and easier video capture and communication. Skype users should find the user interface familiar, though it has its own unique twist to it. Additionally, just like Viber and WhatsApp it syncs your device using its phone number, a feature still not available on Skype.

Qik also offers group-chats, much like the ones in Skype – nobody is an admin and anyone can add extra contacts. A single video message will be received by everybody in the group when they come online – it will wait for them much like an unread line of text.

If you often find yourself busy and unable to record a reply to whatever is going on in the chat – Qik also offers you the option to create a library of pre-recorded .gifs of up to 5 seconds, to use either as smileys or quick replies.

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