Jolla releases Uitukka (opt-in) update for Sailfish OS

Sailfish OS

The Jolla team has released Update 9 code-named “Uitukka” to its Sailfish powered smartphones. The latest release brings version1.1.0.38 of Sailfish OS and is an opt-in release. This means you won't get the usual notifications unless you willingly sign up to receive this OS update.

If you are planning to install the Uitukka update, please make sure you take note of the following:
You will not be able to rollback to update 8
  • The device can behave sluggishly when it is low in memory.
  • Common tasks like answering calls, opening notifications, multitasking, switching between apps etc can take tens or hundreds of milliseconds to operate in low memory conditions.
  • Communication between Sailfish apps and background processes (daemons) can take longer when the system is swapping in low memory conditions.
  • This update does bring in many new features and a lot of bug fixes across the OS as indicated in the next section despite the afore mentioned performance issues in low memory conditions.
  • Developers will largely benefit from upgrading to this version as it will provide a chance to test their apps against Qt5.2 and the dialog changes communicated earlier. Corresponding SDK release will be available early next week.
If you are a developer or a user willing to forgive performance hiccups, sign up for this opt-in release by sending an email to Make sure that the From-Address used is the one matching your Jolla account.

The Uitukka update for Sailfish OS has the following new features and improvements:
  • New overlays for Maps – satellite, car (daylight mode), transit (public transport) and night mode
  • Quicker access to favorite places on Maps
  • Search for media, albums and artists in Media player via ‘Search’ pulley menu item in the different views
  • Finer control to enable/disable AGPS assistance for obtaining location fix via ‘Faster position lock’ option in Settings > System > Location
  • Automatically save draft emails on page exit
  • Accounts framework has undergone a fair amount of unification, making the account setup process more user friendly: Fruux, Memotoo and Yahoo! now available as separate provider accounts in the ‘Add accounts’ page.
  • Copy unsaved numbers from call log via context menu
  • CardDAV support for Fruux and Memotoo service providers (experimental)
  • Browser engine updated to Gecko 31 to improve compatibility with various web sites and improving scrolling performance
  • Kazakh keyboard layout now available
  • Perform general maintenance tasks such as cleaning up backup storage to free space, restarting network connectivity, android runtime etc via Sailfish Utilities app available in Jolla Store. :- Once installed, you can access it via Settings > System > Utilities

UI interaction changes:
  • Hierarchy indicator at the top left corner of the view replaced by a single indicator trailing off the edge of the view
  • In accounts settings view, changes made are immediately saved.
  • App dialogs are now visually separated from normal app pages by having accept and cancel buttons from the page area to a persistent header
Check out the following hands on video of the Uiyukka Update 9 for Jolla OS:

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