[iOS app] Minuum - keyboard for iOS 8

Minuum for iOSMinuum is a third party keyboard for iOS 8 and is known as the little keyboard for big fingers. It promises to let you type faster, see more of your screen and take control of autocorrect. Minuum can be switched from the regular QWERTY keyboard to a smaller mini mode, so users can see more of their iOS screens.

You can download the app directly on your device through the Apple App Store or by using the following link:

Download Download from iTunes
Price $ 1.99
Requirements iOS 8.0 or greater

The app is currently being offered at a 50% discount (regular price $3.99) for a limited time. So those interested in adding this keyboard to their collection should get it done soon.

Minuum for iOS has the following features:
  • Offers more screen space - Recover your lost touchscreen space using mini mode, to see more of the apps you love.
  • Allows you to be fast and sloppy as you type - Type fast without worrying about being precise, thanks to ridiculously smart auto-correction that learns as you type.
  • Offers smart word prediction - Speed up your typing via suggestions from a predictive engine that learns from your word list, word combinations, and language use patterns.
  • Gives you control of your dictionary - Minuum learns from constantly as you type, and lets you delete words from your dictionary by pressing and holding on word suggestions.
  • With rapid gesture shortcuts
    • Swipe up and down to switch between full and mini mode
    • Swipe left to delete a full word
    • Swipe right to add a space
    • Swipe right twice to add a punctuation mark (.,!?)

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