Xiaomi announces MIUI 6 with flattened interface and new features

Xiaomi announces MIUI 6

Xiaomi has just announced the latest version of its Android based OS - MIUI 6, which brings several new features and improvements including a new design and enhanced security. The update which is currently in beta phase should soon be made available to the company's own device portfolio along with devices from other makers.

With MIUI 6, you get a simpler cleaner user interface which Xiaomi claims will be easy to dive-in-and-use, without the need to familiarize yourself with it. Colors play a big part of MIUI 6, while many apps appear white or grey key accents are colored in red, orange and a spectrum of other colors, making MIUI 6 look a little like iOS 7 and iOS 8. Some apps like the Clock, even appear to have an immersive parallax effect.

The phonebook has become more powerful - it allows you to identify unknown callers, mark service numbers (as banks, scams, sales) and see a visible menu of your carrier's hotline (instead of having to listen to "for business questions select 8").

MIUI 6 has new gestures for the homescreen along with a redesigned notification shade with toggles for various settings. The notification center shows notifications on the lockscreen and there's themes support for the UI with more than 5,000 available as of now.

Check out the following video showing MIUI 6 in action

source - Xiaomi

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