[Windows Phone app] Angry Birds Space updated with Beat Impact Episode

Angry Birds Space for Windows PhoneAngry Birds Space for Windows Phone has been updated to version which brings the all-new Beak Impact episode, with 50 new levels. You also get hidden bonus levels, new mechanics such as asteroid showers, gas tanks and batteries to enhance your gaming experience.

You can download the update directly on your device through the Windows Phone Store or by using the following link:

Download Download from Windows Phone Store
Price Free
Requirements Windows Phone 8.0; Windows Phone 8.1
Press the Search searchbutton on your Windows Phone, tap Vision vision and then scan the following barcode by pointing your device camera toward it
Download using QR app

Angry Birds Space for Windows Phone version has the following new features and improvements:
  • 40 NEW LEVELS! There are two parts, each with 20 interstellar levels! Unlock Part 2 by getting all the stars in Part 1, or with an in-app purchase!
  • FIND NASA SPACECRAFT! Unlock four bonus levels by finding cool NASA research spacecraft – the Orion Crew Vehicle, OSIRIS-REx, Deep Impact and Dawn.
  • 6 BONUS LEVELS! Each part has three bonus levels! But you’ll have to get three stars and a feather on each level to unlock them all – are you up to the challenge?
  • SEND IN THE MIGHTY BUZZARD! Buzz Aldrin, the legendary astronaut and moonwalker, is at hand to save the day if things get tough!
  • ASTEROID SHOWER! Navigate burning, freezing and radioactive space rocks – and look out for some strange things happening to those pigs!
  • GAS TANKS AND BATTERIES! The pigs have kitted out their structures and contraptions with some unstable energy cells – try giving them a nudge!
The game also includes hi-tech NASA spacecraft- Orion Crew Vehicle, OSIRIS-REx, Deep Impact and Dawn hidden throughout the levels. Finding them will get you links to NASA where you can find out more about the gear, what it does and where it’s all headed.

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