Jolla releases major Saapunki update for Sailfish OS

Sailfish OS
Jolla has begun rolling out a major software update for its Jolla smartphone. The new update which is being called Saapunki, combines update 6 and update 7, and brings a massive list of new features and improvements to Sailfish OS.

Some of the key features of the Saapunki update include:
  • Extended 4G support
  • Facebook notification sub-page
  • Folder support in launch area
  • Better sync options
  • Updated browser with full-screen support for HTML5 content
  • Support for SIM applications
  • New Bluetooth profiles
  • Customizable lockscreen shortcuts

You can check out the complete changelog for the Saapunki update. However be prepared to do lots of scrolling - the bug fix list alone has about 100 items. The update was first made available to the First One cover owners, while the rest of the you will get it shortly (if not already).

This firmware update comes just a month after the update 5 rollout and just a week after Jolla announced a permanent €50 price cut off the Jolla Phone's retail price. It seems Jolla is prepping the update 8 for July, so even more great features should be on the way.

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