Google Now update makes sure you don't miss your stop with an alarm

Google Now

Google Now has received a backend update which will allow you to set an alarm when you are travelling in a train or bus to ensure you do not miss your stop. This will be very useful to folks on a long transit who are likely to fall asleep during their travel

If you open Google Now when you're using public transportation, it may offer an integrated alarm for saved locations like home and work. The alarm knows where and approximately when you should exit - just tap it, and it will alert you before you get there.

Interestingly this feature doesn't seem to tie in with the in-built alarm on the Clock app, so you will have to manage it directly from within Google Now. Your mileage may vary, quite literally, since public transit support isn't available in all areas. (The screenshot on the right is from the Netherlands.)

So next time you are feeling tired after a long day at work, or if you have hard a a drink too many and don't trust yourself to remember you stop, open Google Now and try out the alarm reminder feature so you don't miss you stop.

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