Google may have teased Android 5.0

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Google sent out a tweet on Wednesday unveiling an upcoming feature on Google Now, which allowed users to track the ongoing FIFA 2014 World Cup scores on their Android or iOS devices. The tweet was accompanied by an image which showed how the scorecards would look on Google Now, but it also had an important detail would could be regarding Android's future.

If you pay close attention to the following image, you will notice that all clocks are showing the same time, which is 5:00. Why is this significant? Long time Android fans will know that Google likes to leave little Easter Eggs on images of their mobile apps which match the latest version of Android.

Google may have teased Android 5.0

So for all Android 4.4 KitKat related press images, all images are supposed to show 4:40 as the time. But Google has chosen to have the time set to 5:00 instead of 4:50, which could signify that Google is getting ready to unveil a major update to Android.

Since the introduction of , in July 2012, Google has stayed in the 4.x region with the following iterations, keeping Jelly Bean in place too.  came in November the same year, followed by  in July 2013. In late 2013, Google finally moved to KitKat, but the corresponding number for KitKat only jumped to Android 4.4.

According to some reports, Google is supposed to unveil Android 4.5 later this year, but these new Google Now images seem to indicate Android 5.0 is on route instead.

We have been getting several glimpses of the next version of Android lately, all suggesting a major redesign which will make its way across all of Google's services. It wasn't clear if Google would release these changes with their next "L" version of Android, or if we were meant to expect it later down the line, but today's little clue may be an indication that Android 5.0 will be unveiled at Google I/O 2014.

source - Google (Twitter) | PhoneArena

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