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Nokia Lumia 630 available starting today as first Windows Phone 8.1 device

The Nokia Lumia 630 will be available starting today, making it the world's first commercially available Windows Phone 8.1 device. The device sales will reportedly start in Asia this week, while Europe and the US should get the smartphone a bit later.

The Lumia 630 was first unveiled back in April, alongside the Nokia Lumia 930 flagship and the LTE capable Nokia Lumia 635. The Lumia 630 promises to offer “an uncompromised Microsoft experience and Lumia experience at a low price point.” It features a 4.5 inch touch display with a 480 by 854 pixel resolution, 8GB of internal storage which can be expanded through microSD, a 5MP rear camera, a 1820 mAh and a 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor with 512MB of RAM. Even though the device has only 512MB of RAM, the Windows Phone 8.1 platform has been optimized to run smoothly.

The single SIM Lumia 630 will cost around $160 (€119), while the dual SIM variant is a bit more expensive: $176 (€129). The device will be available in various color options including black, white, orange, green, and yellow.

source - Nokia
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