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Nokia Camera 'Living Images' demonstrated

Nokia Camera 'Living Images'

During the BUILD conference, Nokia demonstrated a cool new feature called Living Images for their Nokia Lumia 930. The Living Images feature will allow users to capture multi-frame “moving image” with every photo taken using the Nokia Camera app.

The camera captures few additional frames before you press the camera capture button, thus it create a short animation. Each Living Image shot is of less than a second, and it includes more than enough frames to make photos come alive. Live “Living Images” can be viewed in Windows Phone’s standard camera roll and new Storyteller app and it can be shared with friends on Facebook and other social networking sites.

Living images will also be created automatically when capturing photos using Nokia’s Cinemagraph and Refocus, will also appear as “Living Images”, and will be momentarily brought to life as you thumb your way through them.

Living Images is currently only be announced for the Nokia Lumia 930 and will require an update to the existing Nokia Camera and Nokia Storyteller apps. Nokia Conversations notes that this feature is also coming to select existing Lumias in the coming months.

source - Nokia
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