Motorola schedules event in London on May 13, likely to unveil new device

MotorolaMotorola has a strong lineup of devices which include the Moto X, Moto G and the 2013 DROID lineup on Verizon. Now the Lenovo owned company is getting ready to unveil what's coming next at special event on May 13, in London.

It has only been around 8 months since the release of the company's flagship Moto X, so while its successor is a likely candidate, it is still early. Though Motorola did hint that we can expect the Moto X successor in late summer. Evleaks (whose pre-release info is generally very reliable) posted a logo for the "Moto X+1" earlier this month. There have also been unconfirmed rumors of a "Moto E," a low/mid-range device with a 6.2mm profile. The press invitations mention of "made to last, priced for all" could certainly indicate a cheaper device.

In any case, we will be closely following the days leading up to the event, so stay tuned for our coverage and tune in on May 13th for an update.

source - The Verge

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