Canonical releases Ubuntu 14.04

Today Canonical has released Ubuntu 14.0.4, which makes the Linux distribution full ready for tablets. The Phone version of Ubuntu Touch has essentially been ready since October last year, and with the release of version 14.04 (codenamed Trusty Tahr) we get even closer to the commercial release of Ubuntu smartphones and tablets.

According to Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth, the first Ubuntu phones are expected to arrive sometime this fall. However as tablet manufacturers wont have to factor in carriers, we may see larger screened Ubuntu devies land even sooner.

Canonical also put out a press release today saying that Ubuntu 14.04 will "form the basis of the first commercially available Ubuntu tablets from Canonical's OEM partners", but there was no word on exactly who those partners might be. 

Developers can build apps that will run on any form factor, but in Canonical's vision, "convergence" means the same OS code running on all devices as well. But, Canonical has not yet been able to finish the full convergence of the Ubuntu code, so there will still be separate downloads for desktops and mobile devices.

source - Ubuntu (Canonical) | TheInquirer

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