Apple iPhone 5c 8GB now available across 11 European countries

Apple iPhone 5c

As we continue to question Apple's decision to release a plastic "affordable" Apple iPhone 5c, the smartphone continues to reach out to an even wider audience around the world. The 8GB variant which was not too long ago, is now available to residents of the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, Ireland, Portugal, Austria, Spain and Norway.

Even though it is meant to be one of the cheapest iPhones, the 8GB iPhone 5c still costs £429 ($717) which is considerably more than Android or Windows Phones with similar specs. However it is still a valid option for hardcore Apple fans, who are looking to lighten the load on their wallets.

Despite the wider reach of the affordable iPhone, it doesn't look like Apple plans to bring the 8GB iPhone 5c to the US anytime soon. It looks like Apple thinks the popularity of subsidized smartphone doesn't warrant putting this model on the market.

source - SlashGear

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