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Windows Phone 8.1 default camera app shown on video

Microsoft Windows Phone CameraA video has leaked showing the default camera app on the Windows Phone 8.1 update. The app will be designed to similar to Nokia Camera app. The view finder has now three option on the right (Single photo, video and burst mode) and the left side of the viewfinder can be customized with up to 4 different camera shortcuts for quick access (white balance, flash, resolution, lens picker, front/rear camera toggle, etc).

The default camera app on Windows Phone 8.1 has the following key features:
  • The default camera application is now called Microsoft Camera
  • Live tile for the photo app can cycle between all photos, a single image or those marked as favorites
  • Photos can be grouped by time and location
  • You can pin specific settings to the camera viewfinder
  • You can quickly change video quality when in video recording mode
  • You can select photo quality for burst mode
  • You can select to keep unsaved burst photos for number of days
  • You can on/off focus assist light

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