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T-Mobile offers new rate-plans with more data and unlimited international texting

T-Mobile has updated its Simple Choice Plans with more data for the money, enabling 4G/LTE tethering, more international roaming and unlimited international texting.

Currently $50 per month gets you 500MB of unthrottled data and unlimited talk and text along with the previously established international roaming just introduced.

Under the new rate schedule, that $50 per month buys you 1GB of data with tethering. Those that want more data used to have a 2.5GB option at $60 per month. That data allowance goes up to 3GB. All the plans still have “unlimited” data, but speeds were slowed after reaching the determined data package.

There is a new 5GB offer which will cost $70 per month, which also includes tethering. T-Mobile’s “totally unlimited” data is still an option, starting at $80 per month. The new unlimited package also includes tethering up to 5GB per month (double the former 2.5GB). Existing customers on the current $70-unlimited option will be able to keep it, but will not get the updated tethering option.

New to all the Simple Choice plans will be free international texting to over 120 countries. T-Mobile also announced that it is adding 7 countries to its list of international roaming destinations where customers can get unlimited data and texting along with 20-cent-per-minute calls. The list of international roaming destinations will now total 122.

Press Release

The new rate plans go into effect on March 23rd. Existing customers get all the rate enhancements automatically. Just a refresh for the unlimited customers that did not pick it up, your rates remain grandfathered, but the added tethering portion will not be included.

source: T-Mobile
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