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Nokia thinks Ellen should have used a PureView at the Oscars

Ellen's blurry selfie

Samsung was one of the major sponsors of tonight's academy awards. The company took the opportunity to debut their first Galaxy S5 ads during the award ceremony, but also made sure they outfitted the host, Ellen Degeneres with a Galaxy Note 3. Ellen would first take a selfie of herself on stage followed by one circled by some of the attendees.

The first once appeared on Ellen's Twitter feed with the hashtags #Blessed #Oscars #Blurry and Finish smartphone manufacturer Nokia was quick to catch on to the last hashtag and tweeted the following message

Nokia's smartphones come with optical image stabilization (OIS) which does away with blurry photos by balancing the lens, even when the users hand shakes.

Samsung's marketing machine was in full swing at the Oscars, just like it was during the Sochi Olympics, or in NBA games - putting big Note 3 phablets, and other Samsung gear, in everyone's hands for the world to see. With all eyes on last nights oscars, Samsung definitely got the global exposure they wanted, so you cant blame Nokia for wanting to be a part of it.

source - Nokia (Twitter)
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