Angry Birds Go updated with new levels and karts

Rovio has updated their Angry Birds Go! racing game with new levels and new karts. In addition to new levels and karts, Angry Birds Go Sub Zero, as the expansion pack is called, gets a new winter chilly theme along with new currency.

The game now allows users to purchase in game content through coins earned in the game. You can get the following new karts for a price in the new expansion pack

  • Tar Barreller
  • Slushy Slider
  • Snow Shoo
  • Shred Sled

  • Chuck Ice
  • Mr Plow
  • The Blue Cornet
  • Arctic Roller
Angry Birds Go! is available for the following platforms

Android iOS Windows Phone BlackBerry
Price Free Free Free Free
Requirements 2.3.3 and up iOS 6.0 and up WP8 BB 10

Speaking on the occasion, the company’s Vice President had to say “It’s early days and I think we are just scratching the surface on how do we do it right and how do we do it better so it’s more rewarding and more magical for the fans and clearer in terms of the value proposition. Why would you choose some things in the physical side and get those products and why would you choose some things in the digital side?”

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