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[Windows Phone app] WhatsApp (beta) updated with custom backgrounds and notification tones

WhatsApp for Windows Phone (beta) has been updated to version 376, which  brings an option to add a custom background to chats and custom notification tones. Keep in mind that this is a private beta, so it won't be available to everyone.

You can enable a custom Background on your chat by going to Settings > Chat Settings > Background to choose any image of their liking.

The new setting allows you to set the image either from your own collection, by taking a fresh picture or by doing a web search from the app's built-in search engine. Once you chose an image, it will be 'set' as the universal chat window for all contacts.

Additionally the update also brings Custom Notification Tones to WhatsApp for Windows Phone. This new option will allow users to set a custom tone for both group messages as well as individual chats.

Its currently not known when these new features will be available to the public version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone, but it should arrive as soon as testing is complete.

source - WPCentral
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