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Windows Phone 8.1 video hands-on leaked, with walkthrough of the new features

Windows Phone 8.1When Microsoft sent out the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK to select developers, they didn't expect the platform to leaked as much as it did. Especially since developers had to sign a nondisclosure agreement before testing the platform.

First we saw several screenshots which revealed many of the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 features. Then we learned that there will be new resolutions supported. Now a full video walkthrough of the new Windows Phone 8.1 build 8.10.12298 has been leaked online, confirming a full list of the features we learned about.

The video shows Windows Phone 8.1 demonstrated on the emulator on the new SDK and demonstrates some of the features which were previously shared by developers testing the SDK. For example we see when you go to the multitasking menu by pressing the back button, you can swipe down to close apps. The (x) to close option which was introduced with Windows Phone Update 3 is still present as well, and would likely remain as an alternate option to close your apps.

Features like the rumored notification center, Cortana voice assistantswype style keyboard and ability to select and customize multiple tiles are not present in this release. The Bing search button doesn't seem to work in this release, which could indicate that Cortana will be linked directly to the search button. The status of these features is unknown at this time, though it is likely that they will be available in a later build of Windows Phone 8.1.

Under Settings, you will find a new feature called 'Project My Screen' which will allow you to display the content on your Windows Phone to a TV, monitor or projector. We also get a glimpse of the new USB settings, navigation bar customization, and separated sound settings, which we learned about from the previous leaks. Windows Phone 8.1 has the ability to auto update your apps, much like with Windows 8.1 on your computer

The Storage Sense app is similar to Storage Settings on Windows Phones. However it includes the setting to install apps on your SD card instead of your internal memory if you wish. The Battery Sense app allows you to monitor your device battery usage and see which apps use most battery life.

Bing News, Bing Food & Drink and Bing Health & Fitness, which are currently available on Windows 8.1 will be making their way to the latest version of Windows Phone. However, it seems that only Bing News is working at this time. The app shows that it will sync your settings across your mobile and desktop devices if needed. Microsoft has also updated the Windows Phone calendar app, with a new interface.

The Camera application has been updated with Windows Phone 8.1 offering three new modes inspired by the Nokia Camera app. You have a regular mode, a burst mode for multiple pictures and video mode. You even get an option to preview the last taken picture, and shortcuts to toggle your front and rear camera, toggle flash and switch Lenses.

The Xbox Games Hub has been updated on Windows Phone 8.1 as we previously saw leaked. The new interface seems cleaner and easier to use and may be detached from the core Windows Phone OS much like the Xbox Music and Xbox Video.

SkyDrive will be rebranded as OneDrive on Windows Phone 8.1, and will include a file browser.

Keep in mind that this build does not contain all the new features will be available in the final version of the Windows Phone 8.1 update. We will have to wait for the BUILD conference in April to learn more.

source - WinBeta

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