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[Windows app] Skype update includes fixes message syncing across devices and allows messaging offline contacts

The modern (metro) Skype for Windows, bringing some new functionality to Surface users. There are new options for adding people, viewing online contacts as well as the ability to mute notification sounds for active conversations. Skype for Windows is the always-on app that makes staying in touch with all your contacts easier than ever.

You can download modern Skype on your Windows 8 or Windows RT device through the Windows Store or by using the following link

Price Free
Requirement Windows 8 or Windows RT

Skype is one of the more popular universal messaging apps, available across almost every platform. However it does come with its share of issues. One of these issues is message synchronisation across your different devices.

For example, if you are chatting with one of your friends or colleagues on your tablet and then open up Skype on your phone, you may find that messages you have read or already responded to appear as new messages on the other device.

Luckily it turns out that this was a backend issue and it has now been resolved by the Skype team on their end. Following the update, users can now send messages to people who are not online as well.

source - WPCentral
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