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LG G2 mini teased, may be announced on February 24

LG has published some teaser images, which very clearly refers to a mini version of the LG G2. The smaller handset is shown next to LG's current flagship along with a collage of images depicting smaller versions of a larger item and the tagline "Experience the MINI",

The images were posted on the manufacturer's Facebook page, which vouches for its authenticity.

The handset is expected to be unveiled at the upcoming MWC on February 24, but there is not much information on what kind of hardware this device will feature. On one hand, LG can choose to take the road paved my most manufacturers, offering a mid-range version of their flagships, like the Galaxy S4 mini and the HTC One mini. On the other hand LG can follow Sony and release a powerful mini variant like the Sony Xperia Z1 compact.

Currently rumors suggest a 4.7 inch display, which is somewhat large for a mini variant.Rumors also support the possibility of the device following in Sony's footsteps with a Snapdragon 800 SoC and 2GB of RAM.

In any case with the MWC in Barcelona just around the corner, we wont have long to find out what LG with offer with their G2 mini.

source - LG (Facebook)
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