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Facebook Messenger coming to Windows Phone

Today in Barcelona, Microsoft announced that Facebook Messenger would be joining the Windows Phone platform as a stand-alone application. Just like  Facebook Messenger on iOS and Android, the app will allow you to share messages with your Facebook friends without opening the dedicated Facebook app. It should also incorporate a number of other features that the app is able to do.

We are not sure how Facebook will implement its Chat Heads feature on Windows Phones  They will likely have to use the iOS method of showing Chat Heads once the app is open. Also not known is if the app will enable free calls in the same way it can elsewhere. Either way, the benefit to a dedicated first-party app (that is, developed by Facebook), particularly Facebook, is that the app will get updated regularly.

This app has been one of the most requested items to join the Windows Phone platform. It is also certain to indicate that built-in Facebook messaging will no longer be integrated with the native messaging function of Windows Phone.

It is not known how Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone will impact the existing Facebook integration

source -  WMPoweruser
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