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Angry Birds Rio updated (2.0) for iOS and Android

Angry Birds RioRovio has updated Angry Birds Rio to version 2.0 for iOS and Android. The update introduces a brand new episode based on Rio 2, the upcoming sequel to the 2011 computer-animated film of which the game was originally a tie-in.

You can download the update directly on your iOS or Android device through its respective app store. YOu can also download the update and find out whats new after the break

Android iOS
Price Free Free
Requirements Android 2.3 or greater iOS 4.3 or greater

Angry Birds Rio 2.0 features refreshed graphics for the new “Rio 2” chapter. Titled High Dive, the new episode invites you to make a big splash in 20 new regular levels and six new bonus levels set in a Brazilian port harbor. In these levels, the Amazon river dolphins are accidentally trapped in cages and are thus in need of your help.

Fortunately, you can dive below to break open those cages from underwater — similar to how you would carry out an underwater attack by flinging the titular feathered fiends under the icy waters and up toward the bad piggies in Angry Birds Seasons' Arctic Eggspedition chapter.

Angry Birds Rio updated (2.0) for iOS and Android

Angry Birds Rio received its previous update last December. That update added a new Rocket Rumble episode with new levels and a new explosive gameplay mechanic. It also brought he incendiary Rocket Bird and the bubbly Stella the Pink Bird to the game.

For those who didn't know, Stella will star in her own game called Angry Birds Stella, which Rovio unveiled last week as the newest game in the Angry Birds franchise.
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