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[Android app] Google Play Music updated (5.4) with offline radio and more

Google Play Music for Android has been updated to version 5.4 with several new features and improvements, including offline radio support. Google Play Music makes it easy to discover, play and share the music you love on Android and the web. With our new All Access service, you can play millions of songs on Google Play, listen to radio with no limits, and enjoy playlists handcrafted by our music experts.

The new My Devices interface adss the ability to manage and de-authorize devices without having to go to the web interface. The only issue is that is it limited to 10 devices. While 10 devices is a lot, you may eventually find yourselves reaching the limit. Especially if you have several Android powered devices lying around.

The Offline Radio is one of the biggest additions with this update, which allows you to pre-cache entire radio stations for offline playback. A new option called Keep on device, previously not available for radio stations, is now available from the contextual menu. Unfortunately, this doesn't work with the "I'm feeling lucky" station, but all other stations can now be saved to your device.

A Play Next button has been added to songs and albums so that you can more conveniently play stuff you want without clearing the playlist or dragging stuff around. Just hit Play Next, and your playlist will be updated immediately
Additionally a Refresh Music option is now added to your Settings, allowing you to refresh of your music from the cloud..

The update also brings other visual changes including a floating playing from bar and a Shuffle option which has been updated to Listen Now.

In terms of bug fixes, you will find that the duplicate Chromecast bug has now been fixed, along with other issues which caused the app to crash. The Cast button has now been moved to the bottom of the UI ,instead of the top right side where it used to be. This should make it easier to reach, especially on large screen devices. Several menu items have now been moved to the sidebar for a more unified optimized experience.

Overall it seems to be a solid update and fully worth downloading. The update should eventually be pushed to your device through the Play Store, but you can also download it using the following link or by heading to the source link below.

Download Google Play Music 5.4

source - Android Police
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