T-Mobile confirms free tethering on prepaid plans

We recently reported that certain T-Mobile customers were noticing that they were receiving free tethering for up to 5 devices at one time, on their T-Mobile My Account app. Usually the carrier charges $15 a month for the service.

It turns out that T-Mobile will in fact be offering prepaid customers free mobile HotSpot service. The services, which became available Oct. 20, give pay-in-advance customers (i.e. prepaid customers who do not submit to a credit check) access to domestic data roaming across the United States. Additionally, prepaid customers who sign up for the company's $70 Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan will also have access to 2.5 GB of mobile hotspot data.

The $50 monthly plan comes with unlimited talk and text and 500MB of data. Use up your data for the month and you will find your data speed throttled. You also get 500MB of free mobile HotSpot data and 10MB of free domestic data roaming.

The $60 monthly plan offers unlimited talk, text and 2.5GB of 4G data. Once you surpass the cap, your data speed is throttled. This plan comes with 2.5GB of free mobile HotSpot data and 50MB of domestic data roaming.

Those signing up for the $70 per month unlimited 4G data plan will receive 2.5GB of free HotSpot data for the month. That plan includes unlimited talk and text along with 50MB of domestic data roaming.

This week T-Mobile also unveiled their Un-Carrier plans for tablets, where the carrier offering T-Mobile account holders 200MB of free data a month for a tablet with cellular connectivity. Next month, the carrier will also start moving long time customers off of legacy plans. In a statement, T-Mobile said that it wants to keep things simple. "Simple is better, which is why we're reducing the number of older plans in our systems."

source: T-Mobile | Android Central

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