Firefox 25 is now available for download

Mozilla Firefox 25Mozilla has released Firefox 25 for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android devices. The update brings a few new changes and improvements including Web Audio support to desktop browsers and a new guest browsing mode for Android. You will find the detailed update change-log after the break

You can download the update to your device by heading over to Help > About on your Firefox browser or by pointing your browser to You can also download the latest version and install the update manually using the links which follow:

You can download Firefox for Android version 25 directly on your device through the Google Play Store or by using the link which follows:

Download from the Google Play Store
Price Free
Requirements Android 4.2 or greater

What's new in Firefox version 25 for Windows, Mac and Linux

Find Bar

The Find Bar of the browser can be used to find text on web pages that you have open in the browser. Up until Firefox 24, the bar was shared between all tabs. If you opened it in one tab, it would also be visible in all other tabs.

From Firefox 25 on, this has changed so that the bar is only displayed in the tab it has been opened it.

While that is useful for some users who only want to search in a single tab, it breaks the workflow of users who have used the feature to search in multiple tabs (one after the other).

Mozilla has not implemented a switch or option to the browser to restore the old functionality, and it seems that the organization is not willed to do so citing that this is better left to add-on developers.

Reset Firefox notifications

If you are not using a Firefox profile for at least 60 days, you will receive a notification on the next start of the web browser that provides you with an option to reset the browser.

The idea behind the change is to make sure that users do not run into any "old" issues when they start Firefox. Resetting will also provide them with options to import another browser's browsing history and settings again into the Firefox browser.

It more or less resets the browser to a state where it was when you installed it for the first time on your system.

Related to that is that resetting the browser does not clear the active browsing session anymore. What this means is that websites and services that were open before the reset feature was invoked are available after the operation has been completed.

Web Audio support

While you can play audio on the web without the need for plug-ins in the browser thanks to HTML5, the audio tag itself has severe limitations when it comes to operations that are complex.

Web Audio is a high level JavaScript API for processing and synthesizing audio on the web.

What's new in Firefox for Android version 25

  • A new guest browsing mode has been added. This can be useful if someone else needs to use your phone's browser for a set amount of time. Guest browsing ensures that they do not get access to your browsing history, passwords or bookmarks, and that their browsing session will be deleted as well once they are finished using your mobile device.
  • Firefox Mobile supports mixed content blocking now to protect users of the browser from man-in-the-middle attacks and eavesdropping attacks on HTTPS pages.
  • Mobile add-ons can add indicators to the address bar of Firefox Mobile now.
  • Developers can enable remote debugging with a desktop version of Firefox now from the settings.
  • The new Contacts API has been implemented.

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