Nokia HERE Maps offers Venue Maps in 45 countries

Having conquered a vast majority of outdoor maps, developers have shifted their focussing on indoor maps, especially since there are a lot of confusing indoor places around the world. Google and Nokia have both been hard at working building their indoor solutions, while Apple is still hard at work improving their outdoor maps.

While Google hasn't revealed any stats on how many indoor locations they have covered, Nokia is more than ready to share that their indoor Venue Maps now cover 45 countries.

This is actually quite impressive, considering that these 45 countries include 49,000 facilities with indoor maps. Over half of these maps cover shopping malls, while the rest include public transit stations, grocery stores, airports, theme parks. Nokia has chosen the name Venu Maps instead of indoor maps as the selection also covers famous outdoor areas like Time Square in New York and the Carnaby Village in London.

Along with information on stores in various locations, these Venue Maps also offer useful information like ATMs, restrooms, escalators, and airport gate numbers to the maps. The Venue Maps are available through HERE Maps and Bing Maps, so you can feel assured that Nokia has you covered the next time you travel with your trusty Lumia smartphone.

source - Nokia

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