Microsoft starts work on Windows 9 and Windows Phone 9

We know that Microsoft is working on a Windows update codenamed ‘Blue’ which is likely aimed at adding support for 7 and 8 inch tablets running Windows 8. But it turns out that Microsoft has also started working on their next versions of their desktop and mobile platforms – Windows 9 and Windows Phone 9.

The new operating systems are expected to arrive in time for the upcoming holiday shopping season and based on the current information it doesn’t look like Microsoft will converge their two platforms just yet.

The news comes from a Microsoft employee who mentions that they are working on the next version of Windows and even mentions partners like Nokia, HTC and Qualcomm. Samsung is strangely left out of the list, probably indicating that the manufacturer is fully focusing on Android and their own Tizen OS instead of Windows Phone.

Strangely the posting refers to working on Windows 9 on HTC and Nokia and we cant help wonder if it was meant to read Windows Phone or if the two manufacturer's are planning Windows 9 tablets. The next posting from an iSoftStone employee clearly indicates a month long project involving Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 9.

In any case there is no surprise that Microsoft is working on their next platform, but its interesting to see how the software giant shifts its releases to an annual one instead of what we have been used to in the past with Windows. Microsoft seems eager to compete vigorously with Apple and Android and we are ready to warmly welcome it.

source - MSFTKitchen

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