Will Canonical announce their Ubuntu tablet OS tomorrow?

Canonical-LogoCanonical is getting set to releasing the preview image of Ubuntu for phones and a new countdown timer has shown up on the company’s website. The timer also includes the text "Tick, tock, tablet time!" which indicates that Canonical is about to show the work they have done on Ubuntu to make it tablet ready.

Work on making Ubuntu tablet ready has been going on since last October with the Nexus 7 being used as a reference device. The focus has been on optimizing the operating system to run on mobile processors and to be more efficient with memory and power.

Several of these improvements have already made their way to  Ubuntu 13.04, which is due to be released in two months. Meanwhile Ubuntu 14.04 which is due in April 2014 is expected to be an all-in-one OS which will span across phones, tablets and computers.

source - Ubuntu

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