Firefox 18 is now available for download

Mozilla Firefox 18Following the release of Firefox 17 in November last year, Firefox 18 is now available for download for Windows, Mac OS and Linux computers. The update brings several new features and general performance improvements and continues Mozilla’s efforts to release a new update to their browser once every six-weeks.

Mozilla has also released Firefox 18 for Android which you can download through the Google Play Store.

You can download the update on your Windows, Mac OS or Linux computers by heading over to Help > About on your Firebox browser or by pointing your browser to You can also download the latest version and install the update manually using the links which follow:

Firefox 18 now adds support for both the 13 inch and 15 inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Users will no longer have to rely on Safari as their only option to enjoy a crisp browsing experience. The update also offers faster JavaScript performance using the IonMonkey complier, preliminary support for WebRTC, as well as an updated HTML scaling algorithm for improved general image quality.

Firefox 18.0 for Windows

Its always great to have the latest features and improvements on your web browser, especially since we spend most of our time online. However what's most important about these updates is that it brings the latest security updates which keep you safe while you are browsing the web. So if it not for the new features, make sure you download the latest version of Firefox to stay secure.

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