Windows Phone Summit scheduled for June 20, sneak peek into the future of Windows Phone promised

Microsoft has open registrations for the Windows Phone Summit which is scheduled to take place on June 20 in San Francisco.

The event was initially expected to span two days but has seemingly been reduced to a single day event.

The new invitation which is being sent out states that Microsoft will be offering “ a sneak peel of the future of Windows Phone” which suggests that we may get a glimpse of Windows Phone 8 Apollo at the summit.


While we don’t know the extent of what Microsoft has in store for us, the biggest question we want answered is whether current generation devices will receive the Apollo update.

Rumors thus far suggest an NT kernel, Bitlocker and Secure Boot support, an improved Skype client, DataSmart – which will help monitor and conserver data use, new connectivity with Windows PCs, NFC support, removable microSD storage, multi-core processors, new form factors and new screen resolutions. Current generation Windows Phone apps are expected to work on Windows Phone 8.

If you are interested in attending the Windows Phone Summit you can register (RSVP) here. Those who haven't received an invite can follow a live stream on the given date.

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