Windows Phone 8 will run on Nokia Lumia 900 claims Nokia Care

The ongoing debate continues on whether the current generation Windows Phones will receive the next generation of Windows Phone OS – Windows Phone 8. We have had reports confirming that Windows Phone 8 will not reach current generation handsets while other reports state that we won't see the the update on current handsets.

With Nokia’s hard push on marketing their Lumia 900 handset many potential customers are wondering if these brand new handsets will see the Apollo update or if they will be shelved in mere months in favor of newer hardware.

Nokia Care seems to have answered the question, when a concerned customer asked if the will be updated to Windows Phone 8.
nokia-lumia-900-windows-phone-8The answer was that “The Nokia Lumia 900 is capable of upgrading to Windows Phone 8 Apollo”

Now we shouldn't all jump to the conclusion that the Lumia 900 will automatically be upgraded to WP8, in fact capable doesn’t really ensure that the upgrade is coming. With the Windows Phone Developer Summit scheduled for June 20 in San Francisco, we wont have long to wait until we get an official word on the upcoming update.

Until then all we can do is hope that Microsoft won't leave a trusting customer base hanging dry.


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