Firefox 5 is now available for download

Mozilla Firefox 5Mozilla has released Firefox 5, and seams dedicated to keep to their promise for a quick release cycle on their web browser. The new browser is said to have over 1000 improvements, which include many patches and fixes. The update improves privacy and usability as well. 

With previous versions of Firefox having noticeable cosmetic overhaul, you will be quick to realize that Firefox 5 has nearly no change to it's UI, which has users wondering if the changes were worth the release of a new version. Google continues to release updates at a regular pace to their Chrome browser, but due to it's regularity UI changes are not expected on each iteration.

I am sure everyone is curious to see how Mozilla's new approach to updating their browser will stand among it's users. Competitors have seamed to learn that nothing makes the user's feel secure, than to show that new versions are constantly being worked on, thus ensuring their web safety. With version 6 already in the works and plans for version 7 also on the way it looks like Mozilla is ready to bring back their Firefox browser as a serious competitor in the browser wars.

To receive the update you can simply allow Firefox to automatically update itself or head over here and download the Firefox 5 browser for Mac or Windows.

Firefox 4 was released back in March with an improved design among other enhancements.

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