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Nokia updates worldwide map data on HERE Maps for iOS, Android and Windows
Windows 10 will work with all your devices
New Google Photos announced for managing, editing and sharing images easily
Microsoft How-Old for Windows Phone
You can now order meals directly from a Google search result
MetroPCS legacy CDMA network will stop working on June 21
Net10 offers more data with several of its plans
Microsoft makes it easier to port Android and iOS apps to Windows
Google Desktop Search lets you set an alarm, save a reminder or send a note to your phone
You can now send directions to your phone from Google desktop search
Google Project Fi officially announced; $20 per month for talk and text, $10 per GB for cellular data
Republic Wireless introduces Maestro to pay back subscribers for unused data
Google Desktop Search lets me 'Find My Phone'
Sprint offers free international roaming
Sprint announces Wi-Fi calling for iPhone users
Rogers is the first major Canadian carrier to offer Voice-over-LTE
Google introduces Smartbox by Inbox
T-Mobile launches "next-gen" coverage map, with real user experience
Xbox Music for Windows Phone updated (2.6.674.0) with improved OneDrive Integration
You can now add your MP3 files to OneDrive and play your music on Xbox Music